A couple weeks ago, the power of the Universe and the magic of Instagram brought a beautiful kindred spirit into my life – Chris-Anne Donnelly with www.BigSacred.com.

Within minutes of Skyping with this branding magician / spiritual ninja, it became crystal clear that we both share a giddy excitement about what’s possible if we all infuse a little more soul into the work we do and come together in the REAL spirit of collaboration. As we discussed strategies for enhancing brand authenticity, it highlighted the importance of effective company assets management in aligning brand values with business operations.

So . . . because we are pretty sure that we aren’t the only ones who feel this way, we co-created a virtual “gathering” place to help connect us ALL around this important topic.

Here’s what we’ve conjured up for you:

THE GATHERING is a weekly Blab where soulful entrepreneurs can come together to explore + collaborate + share learnings and wisdom around growing a sacred business. A place where we can rise up together!

Sure, Chris-Anne and I could’ve continued to have our weekly Skype calls where we riffed on sacred biz, shared resources, dreamed up collaborations. BUT – why should we keep all that goodness to ourselves?  And to think about what we’d be missing out on if we were only using the power of our 2 hearts and minds. We wanted exponential connection, magic and sisterhood!  

Our vision for THE GATHERING involves real LIVE dialogue and sharing.  We imagine conversations that light each other up and provide support and a sense of belonging.  Think women’s circle / biz wisdom resource center / goddess gathering all rolled into one.

If you aren’t familiar with Blab yet, let me give you the quick low down.

Basically it’s a casual and easy place on the internet where people can show up to chat with each other about ANYTHING.  The beauty is that it’s simple (my fav word).

What’s extra cool is that you can decide on your level of engagement with each blab.

You can choose to:

  • just watch and take it all in
  • ask questions or comment via chat
  • join the conversation via video (It ends up looking like the Brady Bunch squares.)
  • catch a replay if you can’t attend live

You do have to sign up through twitter or facebook to watch live and participate, but it only takes a couple of seconds.

We got all crazy and launched our our first episode of THE GATHERING last week!

It was pretty much on the down low because we wanted to take it on a test run to work out any weird tech glitches and make sure we liked how it all felt and flowed.  Good news – it was awesome and a ton of fun!

In Episode 1, we explored the question: “Can a business be SOULFUL and SACRED?

If you want to see how it all went down, sit back and take a peek at the replay below:

If you want to join us for future Gatherings, we invite you to join in Wednesdays at 10am (PDT) on Blab to take part in the conversation!

A few tidbits that stood out from Episode #1:

  • Business can be our medicine. It’s an “evolution of the soul”. Gigantic personal growth journey / front seat to Self-Help 101.
  • It’s a courageous path! Not for faint of heart.
  • Your soul gets pissed off at you when you don’t listen. When you hear the calling – but don’t take action on it there can be pain.
  • The Universe jumps in to help when you decide to shine.
  • It’s about raising the vibration and cause a ripple effect. Inner world + outer impact.
  • Does using the term heart-centered / soulful / conscious entrepreneur leave people out?  Or is it just language for a pioneering new paradigm?
  • Feminine vs Masculine – efforting, grasping vs surrender and flow.
  • Use empathy in business – to connect with heart and minds of your tribe to build trust, tribe and sales.
  • People are hungry for more love and belonging.
  • Integrity is about honesty and transparency in your business but also about showing up as the real you.
  • Collaborations over Competition
  • Power of multiple hearts and minds working together (instead of in our silos) is exponential.
  • The Science of Intuition
  • Vulnerability facilitations connection, collaboration and trust.
  • Moving towards soulful business is like we are coming full circle. Back to community / tribes / where we relied on each other.
  • Tools to help our sacred biz: intention setting, meditating, oracle cards, collaboration, habits/routines/rituals, self-care, mastermind/accountability


  • Becca, this is amazing! So happy to hear that you’ve launched a weekly Blab show. Love your playful way with words in the blog and now your readers can connect with your beautiful personality in real-time. Best wishes on your new endeavor. I’m going to carve out time to make sure I catch an episode!

    • Aww thanks Stephanie! I am surprised at how much I am LOVING it. But I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, I mean who doesn’t want to hang out with other soulful entrepreneurs who are doing cool stuff to hear their secrets, experiences, insights. More please! We are having a guest on tomorrow at 10am that successfully raised over $50,000 in her Kickstarter campaign via sisterhood, collaboration . . . and aligned marketing of course. 😉

  • Lara says:

    Congratulations on launching this series Becca! Lots of fabulous topics and what a wonderful way to use the medium of Blabbing!

    I’ve only Blabbed twice so far and you have given me the gentle nudge I need to do more – to get out there and be visible and communicate with others in this amazing on-line community we collaborate and share in.

    • Thanks Lara! I’m pretty camera-phoebic but for some reason Blab doesn’t feel scary for me. It really feels like a casual conversation with friends – and who doesn’t want more of that! So it’s been a great training ground for me to get more comfortable, practice and “talk” about all those things I’ve been saying I’m going to “write” about in my blog…but never do. 😉 Let’s be sure to connect on Blab!

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