After 2 months of foot loose and fancy free adventures, I am finally getting my groove back here at home and work! And it’s feeling delightful.


BUT . . . during the 1st two weeks of being home, I was struggling a bit to re-enter into “normal” life. I was having a tough time tapping back into the momentum and lovely flow that I’d created from myself pre-summer.

Here’s what I think happened:

The first 1/2 of my summer Business Savasana (aka Summer Vacation) during the month of July was filled with lots of yoga, meditation, my daily rituals and slow delicious reflection time in Kauai, Molokai and Oahu.

The second 1/2 was filled with an intense 3-day backpacking trip immediately followed by a couple weeks of back-to-back adventures in China. No yoga or meditation was happening at all in August.

My adventures were amazing and filled me with wonder, excitement and movement – but I wasn’t taking the time to meditate or invest in self-care for the 2nd half of my Business Savasana.

What I needed was time to assimilate my experiences, listen to my soul and get back into deliberate action.

SO – a few days ago I snapped out of it and committed again to my daily rituals, meditation, taking inspired action – and INVESTING in ME!

And in just that short time, I can feel the sparkle and lightness returning back to my spirit. I can SEE it to.


Want a peek into my morning rituals and tools that help be stay FOCUSED, INSPIRED and CREATIVE?

I open up my beach bag of tricks in this video to show you some handy rituals and tools for spiritual entrepreneurs.

(What’s ironic, is that I actually created this video DURING my Business Savasana. During the super-grounded time in the healing energy of Kauai of course. I even said that my meditation practice is pretty much “non-negotiable”.  Ha!  Gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.)

In the video I riff on these tools for spiritual entrepreneurs :

– my 5 Minute Journal
– Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year Daily Diary/Planner
– yoga
– meditation
– Oracle cards – Goddess Guidance Cards and Mana Cards
– Affirmations
– Crystals / Stones

I am sooooo excited to be back in the flow and getting my groove back.

3 cheers to RE-COMMITTING!

P.S – I originally recorded the above video for Sarah Cohn’s cool program, Go Big, that I was in this summer. So when I’m referring to “Sarah” and “Go Big” that’s what’s going on there. 🙂

What tools or rituals do you use? I’d love to hear!



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