Because you probably surround yourself with other kind-hearted, open-minded, change-makin’, joy-seekin’, soul-shakin’ entrepreneurs . . . I’m guessing you might be looking for meaningful holiday or New Year gifts for those kindred spirits.  

Maybe client gifts to start the year out right or holiday gifts for the other woo-inclined entrepreneurs in your life?

OR – you might simply be looking for goodies to add to your own wishlist. No shame there!  #selfloveforthewin

Here’s a list I started for personal use that I thought might be helpful for you too.  



Sacred Creators Oracle Deck: $44

This magical system will help you plan your soul journey towards your big sacred dream. I’ve incorporated the cards and guidebook into my morning ritual of inner reflection and business planning.  And full disclaimer – I am slightly obsessed. They bring so much joy and clarity to my business.  The system was designed to allow your creator spirit to expand intuitively so that you can truly impact the lives of those around you.


Soul + Work Calendar: $20

A planning system for creatives and dreamers.  I just received this gem in the mail last week and have been dreaming of how I might use the calendar. It’s filled with Animal Medicine, Moon Phases and prompts to help you set intentions. I can totally see myself setting my intentions for the month and then envisioning and feeling them coming to life as I sit in a cozy nook in blissful coloring meditation.


Goddess Provisions (Monthly Subscription): $33/mo.

Monthly box with tools to nourish your inner goddess and grow your spiritual practice.  All sorts of goodies show up in these little packages of goodness – crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, beauty & spiritual tools. Yes please!



Ritual Kits: $36

Cleanse your work space, invoke healing for your life and biz. This gift box includes Palo Santo Rose/Sage trio, selenite Moon Smudge, Love Smudge Rose & Love Smudge Rose Quartz. Raise your vibrations of love and light.



Headspace Meditation App: $95/yr

Mediation is my creative rocket fuel. It helps me clear the craziness in my brain so that I can make way for my inner wisdom and creative muse to surface.  This app is ideal for anyone wanting to commit to a regular meditation practice. Headspace is meditation made simple. Learn online, when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day.


Zafuton Meditation Pillow: $68

For use in meditation or simply to add a touch of bright joy to your office or home.  Artisan hand-block mix-and-match prints celebrate India’s architecture, design, and spiritual heritage. 100% cotton and crafted in ethical workshops in India using traditional techniques.



Aloha Compassion Mala Necklace: $68

While visiting the North Shore of Oahu this past summer, a series of synchronicities lead me to Noelani boutique where I fell in love with this COMPASSION mala. It was handmade in Bali with sacred rudraksha seeds and amazonite to meditational mantra music. A portion of proceeds from the sale of this mala will go to Bumi Sehat Birthing Center in Bali, Indonesia.  There are a selection of other malas that carry different healing properties in the Aloha Mala collection.



The Five-Minute Journal: $18

This super simple and quick ritual has added so much joy and FOCUS to my daily life.  It’s all about Gratitude and Intention folks.  But don’t let the simplicity fool you – it’s incredibly powerful when you commit to investing these few minutes into your happiness and prosperity.


The Desire Map Planner: $44

Created by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map Planner is for women who want to put their soul on the agenda – who want an agenda that includes all of who they are, not just another to-do list. This planner is where inner attunement meets outer attainment.



Shining Year Diary/Weekly Planner: $25

Created by the quirky, wonderfully woo and wildy creative, Leonie Dawson, this planner made all the difference for me in 2016.  It was the perfect blend of celebration, intention, strategic review and step by step action planning that I needed.  Perfect blend of soul and strategy – plus the design is joy-filled, lovely and inviting.


Fire Starter Sessions: $11

“Integrity-infused guide to success on your own terms”. The first book I read by the deep and spiritual business poet, Danielle LaPorte, Fire Started Sessions has become by Business Bible. You should see it – it’s all dog eared, scribbled up with notes and had a trillion of those tiny post-it notes peeking out from the pages.


Light is the New Black: $11

“A Guide to Answering Your Souls Calling and Working Your Own Light”.  This delicious read by the luminous Rebecca Campbell had me nodding in agreement at every word. I felt so seen, understood and inspired through the entire journey. A must read for all soulful entrepreneurs.


I’m an affiliate for a few of these items, but the majority are simply gifts that I love to pieces, know would light up someone’s day – OR to be honest, just goodies that I’ve been drooling over.

If you have any other recommendations for conscious holiday client gifts for entrepreneurs, please share links in the comments please!


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