Earlier this year, the creative and soulful photographic storyteller Amanda Nazzal and I sat down to talk about Authentic Personal Branding during the Be Seen in 2015 Summit.

In this in-depth video, I shared:

  • Why Mindful Marketing works
  • Steps to uncover and design your authentic Brand Foundation
  • A few tricks for seeing inside the heart and mind of your Dream Client
  • How to get intentional with your branding

Amanda and I are talking again about more yummy collaboration and I ended coming across this video.

I can’t believe I didn’t post the replay earlier.  You want to know WHY I didn’t?  I was super self conscious about my crazy eyes and my gratuitous use of “UM”.  Ridiculous right?! Geez!!!

In the interest of walking the authentic walk, practicing greater vulnerability, and letting go of “perfect”, I am sharing it here with you.

Better late than never!




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