How to Design a Personal Brand with Heart and Soul

How to Design a Personal Brand with Heart and Soul

They say you teach what you most need to know.

Join me on Friday, May 15th, during the “Be Seen in 2015” Speaker Summit where I teach with you how to design a personal brand with Heart and Soul.

I’ll be share my own struggles with “Being Seen” and how creating a personal brand with heart and soul has given me the confidence and clarity to step up to own my awesomeness and share my unique gifts with perfect-for-me clients and tribe of inspiring creatives and healers.

The first tips you should consider are:

1. Who do I want to be?

2. Create a website to reflect who you are

3. Develop your networking skills

4. Join social media conversations.

Personal branding is a strategy that should be approached as a business, not a hobby, contact the Business Plan Writer for a business strategy. The value of your personal brand can translate into a higher salary if you approach it strategically, but it should not be taken lightly.

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Wish me luck!

Be Seen in 2015 Speaker Summit

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