How does your business make you feel?

We’ve been conditioned to start out our business plans with lofty and concrete goals that include revenue targets, number of clients served / products sold, list sizes, etc, etc.  Then we back into those goals by determining what actions we need to take to attain these mighty ambitions.

Sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But either way, the entrepreneurial journey, including aspects like business registration adelaide, can be fraught with overwhelm, misaligned actions, stress, doubt, constriction, and anxiety. Often because we are following a formula that we did not create. A plan that does not take into account the human condition – our realness.

About a year ago, I read 2 books that share a simple but powerful idea. 

We just might be planning our lives and business backwards. Instead of setting big ‘ol goals and praying that we’ll be happy when we make them (and if we make them), HOW ABOUT…..we decide HOW WE WANT TO FEEL IN OUR EVERYDAY LIVES FIRST and then decide on our goals once we’ve declared the feelings that can guide our lives? Imagine that?! It’s all about understanding our desired emotions and crafting our paths accordingly, which is where the dynamics of counseling vs mentoring may come into play.

Those 2 books are The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte.  I’ve sang the praises in a previous post, I’m an affiliate and even hosted a San Diego workshop around her work.  That’s how firmly I believe in this mindset shift.  But I’m not here to sell you on that – or anything other than I want to encourage you to find the answer to this question – “How Do You Want to Feel in Your Business”.

Its a key ingredient in creating your captivating and soul aligned brand.  When you know how you want to feel, you are able to infuse this into your messaging and visual identity.  Your brand becomes more YOU.  And you become aligned and joyful as you work through the everyday decisions and actions involved in designing your abundant business. If your business is facing financial difficulties, check out this Insolvency guide for small businesses.

How Do You Want To Feel in Your Business?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Answer this 1 little question – “How do I want to feel in my business?”  When you wake up in the morning, when you are meeting with clients, when you creating offers, when you are making decisions, when you are speaking and writing, when you are behind the computer.
  2. Take a look at this handy visual library of feelings if you need a little help getting the creative juices flowin’.
  3. Make a check mark next to the feelings that call out to you.
  4. Try to group, find patterns and similarities in the feelings you checked. You can also read daily motivational quotes for success.
  5. Select 10 feelings.
  6. Try them on for a week.
  7. Narrow them down to 5 that resonate with you and can guide you in how you show up in your business.

DISCLAIMER:  There are entire books, courses and workshops centered around doing some serious soul searching to find your true answers to this question. But to cut to the chase, you can start with taking a look at the visual library of feelings and narrow it down to the 5 Ways You Want to Feel in Your Business.  I am skipping a GIANT and IMPORTANT step by encouraging you to do this, but I feel so strongly that you need to start somewhere.  And if you don’t intent to dive into The Desire Map work then at least start here.

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