Becoming more YOU is an essential element of creating your captivating brand.

Owning and expressing more of your strengths, gifts, superpowers, and soul is key.  But sometimes we are just too wrapped up in our own “stories” of ourselves to see our most true and valuable traits, assets and abilities clearly.

Ask A Friend Survey

A tool for helping you to get more clarity on your strengths is the Ask A Friend Survey.

Here’s how it works:

  • Email 20 of your most trusted friends and family
  • Ask them 3 simple questions that help illustrate how they perceive your strengths

It’s super simple, but it can also feel scary or a little awkward.  It takes some serious vulnerability and courage to put yourself out there in this way.  But I want to assure you that not only will your friends and family feel honored to gush about how brilliant you are, you will also be surprised with the lightness and confidence you find from seeing your strengths mirrored back to you.  If feels so golden to be seen for the amazing woman that you are.  The validation feels delicious.  Not to mention its a crazy ego boost!

I’ve created a email swipe file that you can use below.

BONUS: If you like getting techy with it, you can drop the 3 questions into a Typeform.  It’s a super easy and free forms tool that creates gorgeous surveys.

Swipe File

Subject Line Ideas:

  • Your Insight Needed
  • Your Support Needed
  • [YOUR NAME’S] Unique Abilities
  • [YOUR NAME’S] Best – through your eyes


I am working to clearly define and communicate my unique abilities and superpowers – the combination of talents, qualities and skills that are unique to me.

Often times we overlook our own unique strengths, so I am reaching out to a select group of friends and family who I trust and respect to provide me a little feedback. This is a bit of a vulnerable request, but I want to make sure I am tapping into the best of me and need to be sure I am not missing anything.

My unique ability includes my best qualities such as:

  • talents and abilities
  • characteristics that describe me
  • what I’m good at
  • how I do things
  • what you count on me for
  • why you keep me as a friend
  • anything that impresses you about who I am

Will you please take just a couple minutes to respond to this email and answer these 3 super short questions?

  1. What do you feel are my 3 best qualities?
  2. What 3 words would you use to describe me?
  3. What other comments and/or observations would you like to share?

Thank you so very much!  I really appreciate your help with this.

With much gratitude –



I hope this brings you a little more confidence and clarity around what makes you YOU.

I’d love to hear more about your experience with this exercise.  Any ah-ha’s, resistance, patterns, breakthroughs, curiosities? Please share.

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