In Episode #3 of THE GATHERING, we explore what it looks like to start a Tarot Business.

We invited Tanya Yorgey to chat with us about the evolution of House of Tarot and how flow and trust has played an important role in her success.


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THE GATHERING is a weekly Blab where soulful entrepreneurs come together to explore + collaborate + share learnings and wisdom around growing a sacred business. Where we rise up together!  You can learn more about how and why we started THE GATHERING here.

Chris-Anne Donnelly ( and I invite you to join in every Wednesday at 10am (PDT) on to take part in the conversation!

THE GATHERING ON BLABIf you aren’t familiar with Blab yet, let me give you the quick low down. Basically it’s a casual and easy place on the internet where people can show up to chat with each other about ANYTHING.  The beauty is that it’s simple (my fav word).

You will have to sign up (free) with Twitter or Facebook and it literally takes 5 seconds. It’s highly advised that you use Chrome as your browser.

We’d love to hear about a time when sisterhood, collaboration or vulnerability opened the doors of opportunity for YOU!  

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