Intuition in Business [Ep 7: THE GATHERING]

In Episode #7 of THE GATHERING, we looked at using intuition in business for guidance, insight and ideas.

We invited Intuitive Strategist and Virtual Assistant, Elizabeth Jackson, from Project Angels to share with us how she uses intuition and guidance from her Guides to create magical results for clients.

Ideas explored:

  • Honing your intuition and learning to open up to your Guides / Angels
  • The delicate dance of trusting and taking advice from your Business Angels
  • When it comes to marketing you can read the guide here and read about “Healing” the Marketing industry
  • Using the right tools for your marketing strategy with
  • Business Coaches, Strategists and Virtual Assistants as Lightworkers
  • Business and Soulwork / Business as Medicine
  • Earning client trust
  • Naps as rituals to stay connected to your intuition

Will you join us for our next conversation?

soul biz collaborationTHE GATHERING is an interview series where soulful entrepreneurs come together to explore + collaborate + share learnings and wisdom around growing a sacred business, and even by having employees, learning to make check stubs can help in this. Where we rise up together!  You can learn more about how and why we started THE GATHERING here.

Chris-Anne Donnelly ( and I invite you to join us.  Do you have an idea of a topic? Would you like to be a guest?  Drop me a message.

We’d love to hear about a time when intuition, sisterhood, collaboration or vulnerability opened the doors of opportunity for YOU!  

Let us know in the comments below.

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